Queer Earth Food

Queer Earth Food is a book that I designed, edited, and self-published, and sold in June 2022. Queer Earth Food is a collection of writing and art on the topics of food, the earth, and queerness. The contributors blur the line between agriculture and food, and are largely located outside of the NYC/LA food industries. In this increasingly digital age, it's important to me that their work, and all queer work, lives in a dedicated, tangible print space.

Queer Earth Food is sold on my online shop. Three editions of 100 have sold out, and the book was acquired by Queer Archive Work in Rhode Island and the LGBTQ Iowa Archives and Library. The book can be found at:

Kitchen Arts and Letters (NYC)
Mast Books (NYC)
Lost City Books (Washington DC)
GOODS (Camden, Maine)
Inga Books (Chicago)
Providore (Portland, OR)
Vivienne Kitchen + Pantry (Portland, OR)
Now Serving (LA)
Tomorrow Today (LA)
Book Larder (Seattle)
South London Gallery (London, UK)